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SAR B6P Compact Pink Pistol in 9mm

LIMITED EDITION SAR B6P Compact Lady Pistols are now available for purchase! When looking for a pistol that’s lightweight, easy to grip, easy to control and features delicate, laser-cuts look to the LIMITED EDITION SAR B6P. Available in two variations: one HEART shaped and another with XOXO’s . A compact, semi-auto pistol that may look sugar coated but has features any high quality firearm could boast! The SAR comes well-designed, well-equipped and conceals nicely for personal protection when you need it. Ships with one 13round magazine and cleaning kit.

SAR B6PL Pink Lady
HEARTS:  400435 
XOXO:  400437
BBL:  3.8"
OAL:  7.5"
WI:  2.5"
HI: 5.7"
WEIGHT: 1.6lbs