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1911-P GUN WORLD Cover FEB 2016

1911-P GUN WORLD Cover FEB 2016

GUN WORLD February 2016 Cover Story

Our .45 ACP Witness Elite 1911 Polymer Single Stack pistol made the cover of the February 2016 issue of Gun World magazine and we couldn't be more proud!

February 2016 Gun World Cover Story - 1911PAs if the beautiful cover photo weren't enough, inside the magazine is an incredibly in depth article titled "Handgun Heresy?" paired with many more detailed photos. In the article, the Author (Brad Fitzpatrick) puts the new pistol through its paces not only testing the 1911P but also raising questions about the acceptance of a polymer frame in the traditionally steel only 1911 world. Ultimately boiling it down to one query, "Why doesn't someone just build a polymer 1911?". Definitely pick up a copy of February's Gun World magazine and then (after reading it) maybe hang it on the fridge like a proud Momma. (I mean, that's what we're going to do.)


-Check out the WITNESS ELITE 1911 POLYMER here.
-Snag a copy of the February 2016 Gun World Magazine Issue here.

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