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ABDO™ Makes the Cover!

ABDO™ Makes the Cover!

ABDO™ is making moves. Don’t believe us? Pick up an October issue of NRA's American Rifleman magazine and you’ll see just what we are talking about.

EAA's Smart ABDO™ is featured on pages 70-73 anddddd (wait for it) the cover!

You’ll definitely want to check it out. The three page article by B. Gil Horman gives you an in depth description of all the smart functions the Smart ABDO™ has to offer, along with accurate dimensions for you to determine if your handgun will fit.

Mr. Horman is a regular writer for NRA Publications and is known for not "pulling his punches" during his field tests and reviews. We are honored to have ABDO™ examined by such an expert in the field. A special thank you goes to him as well as the entire production team at NRA Publications. 

So, what was the verdict, you ask? You'll have to read it to find out, friends. To join NRA and receive a hard copy of American Rifleman each month, click here or to read the web article today, click here.

Even if you come to the sad conclusion that your firearm just won't fit, don't fret. Because EAA is currently in the midst of developing a bigger ABDO™ model! *Pause for applause* ... The ABDO™ PLUS will be designed to accommodate most larger .380 and .32 caliber pistols, and even many compact 9mm pistols!

Keep checking back for new  ABDO™ updates at www.theabdo.com or join our ABDO™ newsletter! Our ABDO™ newsletter always updates before the ABDO™ website and offers exclusive deals not always available to the public! You can sign up for the ABDO™ newsletter here ( http://bit.ly/ABDOupdates ) or on the ABDO™ website, just add your email and click subscribe!

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