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"How do I change the grips on my Witness Polymer 1911 pistol?" The short answer is… you don’t.

We’ve received many inquiries about changing the grips on the EAA Witness 1911 Polymer. Which is understandable because even with a polymer frame, the EAA Witness 1911P accepts most standard 1911 parts, allowing it to tap in to over 100 years of great modification and customization options… with the exception of the grips.

The EAA Witness 1911 Polymer brings a great weight reduction to the traditional Steel 1911 pistol without sacrificing the power and control that are the foundation of this great platform. In order to accomplish this, Tanfoglio created an entirely new polymer frame. The frame itself (including the grips) is constructed of one solid piece of durable, molded polymer, giving this pistol the strength to withstand the powerful .45ACP cartridge while reducing the overall weight. Due to the fact that the grips are integrated into this solid polymer piece, they cannot be removed and/or replaced.

The EAA Tanfoglio Witness Elite 1911 Polymer is the next evolution of one of the most customizable (and loved) pistol platforms of all time. Head to our youtube channel ( http://youtube.com/eaacorporation ) to see a few rounds run through the 1911P and evaluate for yourself. Then, check out the most recent video where we field strip the gun and go into detail on some of the parts and pieces, including the integrated polymer grips.

EAA Corp on YoutubeThe Witness 1911 Polymer Pistol is the ideal gun for anyone, taking an already great firearm, the classic 1911, and making it even better! Molded from the finest polymer materials, this firearm is practically weightless. Allowing for easier mobility but still containing a powerful .45ACP cartridge. This is the ideal pistol for both private protection and for competition shooting.

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