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American Rifleman's Sights on MKA 1919 Match Turkey Annihilator

American Rifleman's Sights on MKA 1919 Match Turkey Annihilator

Looking for the familiarity of an AR-15 with the function of a semi-auto shotgun? Look no further than the EAA MKA 1919 Match Turkey Annihilator. With its AR style body and digital camouflage finish, this powerful shotgun is masterfully united with the familiar handling and operation of an AR-15.

Body-Post-6-23-16.pngIn July’s issue the National Rifle association’s American Rifleman® they take the MKA 1919 to the range and put it on the spot. See the full article in July’s issue of American Rifleman, or head to their website.

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- Snag a copy of the July 2016 American Rifleman Magazine here.

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