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Update: The real EAA 2018 Lineup!

Update: The real EAA 2018 Lineup!

We have some exciting news for 2018! 
(You can still be excited! All the information is the same, we just updated our images)

EAA is importing a new line of shotguns from the Turkey-based manufacturer, ATA Arms! That’s right, EAA will now be adding the NEO semi-automatic shotgun series and the SP over & under shotgun series to the lineup!

NEO Shotgun

Meet our semi-automatic shotgun, the NEO. Simplicity is key when it comes to our new NEO shotgun. It is comprised of only three primary parts: the bolt body, the inertia spring and the rotating bolt head. With no springs, action bar linkage or heavy under barrel gas cylinder inside the forend, the inertia system shotgun balances like a fine game gun should. With a big reduction in parts and weight, the inertia system can cycle faster, making it one of the lightest semi-automatic shotguns ever produced!




Meet our over & under shotgun, the SP. This shotgun embodies the synthesis of 60 years of master craftsmanship and contemporary technology. Its barrel is built and finished to a high standard, with a very durable high gloss finish which just completes the traditional shotgun look. The SP is offered with either a standard steel or a lightweight aluminum alloy receiver which provides easy and comfortable handling for hunters. 


These firearms are the embodiment of the attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship that Turkish firearms are known for worldwide. You can check out these two new shotguns on our website (http://bit.ly/ATAARMS), and also in our upcoming 2018 catalog!

EAA Corp 2018 Product Catalog

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