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NEW: The Robo ABDO™

NEW: The Robo ABDO™

After introducing the world to a smarter and more modern firearm holster, The Smart ABDO™, it was only a matter of time before we introduced a similar concept for vehicles.

CAR side popG

It takes too much time to retrieve a firearm from the glove compartment or the center console of a vehicle. Other portable firearm safes require keys and are much too time consuming for entry, especially when your safety is questioned and you have no time to spare.

The Robo (aka CAR) ABDO™ is the third generation of the ABDO™ variants. With all the same functionality as the Smart ABDO™, the Robo ABDO™ allows for easy portability with a durable frame and integrated smart tech but is designed to accommodate up to full size pistols. It can be mounted or placed pratically anywhere, providing a sloution for even more than just vehicle carry and storage!

Key features:
- GPS Tracking
- Includes a FOB for remote locking/unlocking
- Inner springs to allow for fast and accurate placement of the firearm into the palm of your hand
- Indicator lights

Get a sneak peek of our Robo ABDO™ and its many features in our new EAA YouTube video this week! Click here to watch!

Also, keep checking back for new updates and launch dates coming in the near future!

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