SAR K2-45 Semi Auto Pistol - Sarsilmaz

Producer: Sarsilmaz show products


The SARARMS SAR K245 Semi Auto Pistol is not just another pretty gun. It is loaded with the features you want. Built by Sarsilmaz for the Turkish Military, the K2 was designed using modern technology to produce a state of the art handgun. It is impressive from barrel to grip, and built for a lifetime of reliability. You’re going to love this pistol.

Features Include: A cocked and locked carry system, ergonomically designed grip, steel frame and slide construction, adjustable rear sight, extended beaver tail, serrated trigger guard and frame, removable dove tailed front sight, auto firing pin block, a low barrel axis for reduced felt recoil and a high capacity that will amaze you given the comfortable grip.

Features: Semi Auto Pistol, Rounds, Blue Finish, Stainless Steel, Accessory

Models include:

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