The Famed "Holiday Deal Miracle" returns for a new year and a Newish Deal! 

TL:DR Version - If your favorite Dealer does not have the Elite or Xtreme pistol(s) you are looking for, and cannot order them from their Distributors, we will give you 20% off of the suggested retail price.
*This offer is valid for Elite or Xtreme models ONLY and is limited to on hand or in-transit inventory.

Tanfoglio Witness Elite and Extreme models are here! Get a jump on your new years resultions to get that Tanfoglio Witness Elite and Extreme you've always wanted. Witness Xtremes and Elites are here and due to this special event, we are sending out a special discount on pistols. If your dealer is unable to order Witness Elites or Extremes from their Distributor, we will ship directly to any Federal Firearm License holder (ie your dealer) AND you’ll get an additional 20% off the suggested retail price just for making it happen. The catch is, your dealer MUST check with their distributors first.

So how does this work? If all you’ve wanted for Christmas is a Tanfoglio Witness Elite or Xtreme Model and you have not been able to get one, contact your favorite FFL dealer. Find out if they have one in stock. If not, have your favorite FFL dealer check with the distributors on our list. Print off the distributor list and form, bring it to your FFL dealer.

If you order from us because your FFL dealer does not have and can not find the Tanfoglio Elite or Xtreme we will award you a discount of 20% off of suggested retail price. The only catch is you must certify that your dealer checked with their distributors, via the attached online form. *Limited to on hand inventory or in transit inventory only.

This deal comes just in time to brighten your Holidays so take advantage of this while our supplies last! Tanfoglio’s Elite and Xtreme lines are some of our most sought after pistols and are sure to fly off of the shelves.

Check with your favorite FFL dealer and distributors today to get your discount!


 Witness Elite Series

elite Match Stock 2014  Stock 2 2014  Elite Witness Stock III  Limited 2014  Limited pro 2014  Gold Custom 2014

Witness Xtreme Series

MatchExtremeNEW  Stock II xtreme  Stock III xtreme  X GoldCust  Limited custom xtreme

EAA Distributor list
Name Phone
Acusport Corporation 800-543-3150
Bill Hicks & CO. LTD 800-223-0702
Davidsons INC. 800-367-4867
Ellett Brothers LLC 800-845-3711
Jerrys Sports Inc. 800-234-2612
MGE Wholesale Inc. 800.734.5965
Outdoor Sports Headquarters 967-865-5855
RSR Group INC 972-602-4000
Simmons Gun Specialties Inc 913-592-3939
Sports South LLC 800-388-3845
Williams Shooters Supply 800-637-9307
Zanders Sporting Goods 618-443-2400

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