Sneak Peek: SMART ABDO™

Sneak Peek: SMART ABDO™

Missed the hands-on sneak peek of the new SMART ABDO™ at SHOT SHOW 2016? Never fear, we're bringing the demo to you... 


We know many of you are chained to a desk and can't make it to Vegas for SHOT SHOW 2016 (like the author of this post), and will miss the world premiere of the new SMART ABDO™. So, we made sure that this is one thing that "happens in Vegas" but doesn't stay there. With you in mind, we made this video demo featuring the newest version of this holster style concealed carry firearm safe. In the video you'll get to actually see some of the new smart features in action.
Features like:

  • GPS tracking
  • Remote locking/unlocking
  • Fast access mode for quick firearm presentation
  • The auto-lock feature that will lock the safe in the event of a snatch and grab scenario
  • Even a self-aware notification setting that allows you to arm the device and receive a notification on your phone as soon as an unathorized movement is detected.

This device brings concealed carry into the "smart" age by allowing you to stay personally protected while maintaining the highest level of firearm safety. Side Note: If you do make it out to Vegas, come check the SMART ABDO™ out in person at BOOTH #16149.

ABDO, The Future of Concealed Carry.

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