Witness Elite Gold Team- Tanfoglio

July 15, 2005

Tanfoglio Witness Elite pistols have won almost every major competition pistol match in the world at one time or another. There is a reason for this. They work and shoot where you point and they are so comfortable to use so you look forward to practice. Try a Witness Gold Team, Limited, Match or Stock and see how much fun it can be to Shoot a Competition match and win. From shot to shot repeatability, fast target acquisition, comfort and reliability the Tanfoglio Witness Elite is just hard to beat.

Gun Documents (PDFs)

- Owners Manual
- Exploded View and Parts List
- High Resolution Image

UPCSku NO.DescriptionCaliberCap.BBLOALWiHiWT(oz)SRP
741566104534600066SA, PC3, CS, BM, FDC, SMH, CB, PR, HSH 9MM17+15.25”10.5”1.4"5"41$2,336
741566102837600085SA, PC3, CS, BM, FDC, SMH, CB, PR, HSH 40SW15+15.25”10.5”1.4"5"41$2,336
741566102851600095SA, PC3, CS, BM, FDC, SMH, CB, PR, HSH 38SUP17+15.25”10.5”1.4"5"41$2,336
741566102844600090SA, PC3, CS, BM, FDC, SMH, CB, PR, HSH 45ACP10+15.25”10.5”1.4"5"41$2,336
AC=Ambidextrous Controls, AR=Integral Accessory Rail, BM=Beveled Mag Well, CB=Cone Barrel/Slide Lockup, CS=Checkered Front/Back Strap,
DA/SA=Double Action/Single Action, EMR=Extended Mag Release, ES=Extended Safety, FAS= Full Adjustable Sight, FDC=Full Length Dust Cover;
HSH=Heart Shaped Hammer, LPWS=Low Profile Windage Sight, PC3=Three Port Comp, PR=Polygonal Rifling, SA=Single Action,
SMH=Drilled & Tapped for Scope Mount, WAS=Windage Adjustable Sight, WD=Wonder Finish
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