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Tanfoglio Italian Firearm Manufacturer

Tanfoglio is the Italian manufacturer of several of the EAA Corp offerings. Including the WITNESS line of pistols, highly revered in the competition world.

The WITNESS line of pistols were the firearms of choice for the 2014 Production World Championship Men's Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners as well as the Women's Gold medal winner.

Tanfoglio is an Italian firearms manufacturer founded in the early 1900’s and located in Gardone Val Trompia, Italy. Tanfoglio is imported to the United States by European American Armory.

The Witness line is well respected amongst competitive firearm enthusiasts and has achieved great success in the competition world, bringing home 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the Men’s as well as 1st place in the Women’s divisions of the 2014 Production World Shoot Championship. Tanfoglio also produces an Xtreme series of their popular competition pistols. Every Witness Xtreme pistol is hand-tuned by the Master Gunsmiths from Tanfoglio’s Custom Shop in Italy and coated with Industrial Ceramic Coating for a longer life. The Witness Xtreme series has been likened to a fine sports car or elite racehorse as they have been recognized as premiere, top shelf competitive pistols with limited availability and expert craftsmanship.

Alongside these expertly crafted competition pistols, Tanfoglio produces several powerful home and self-defense firearms as well the innovative Pavona line of pistols, winner of two NRA Golden Bullseye awards at the 2015 NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN (“Women’s Innovation Product of The Year 2015” –SHOOTING ILLUSTRATED & AMERICAN RIFLEMAN). The diverse offerings imported by EAA Corp make Tanfoglio firearms the perfect choice for any user, from personal protection seekers to competition enthusiasts, EAA Corp has the gun you need.

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