904, 2021

Shooting Sports Retailer: Interview


Florida-based European American Armory Corporation was founded in the early 1990s and has since earned a reputation for bringing quality, affordable firearms to the U.S. […]

1501, 2021

Sneak Peak at Girsan’s New Factory

The Girsan brand is world renowned for its incredible performance, fit and function. Girsan pistols are carried by the Turkish armed forces and police, […]

1112, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide: Handgun Edition

EAA Girsan MC-28

Girsan’s striker-fire, semi-auto MC28SA is unlike any other striker-fired pistol on the market. It’s a full-sized pistol in […]

1112, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide: Long Gun Edition

EAA Akkar Churchill 220 Gobbler

The 20GA […]