This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for, Smart ABDO™ is ready for beta testing!

The highly anticipated concealed carry and smart storage device has gone through its paces and is ready to hit the road for Beta testing. So what does this mean? EAA corp. is now accepting applications to become a BETA tester and you may be eligible to try out a Smart ABDO™ before their official release date. Meaning, you could be first to get your hands on an ABDO™ and incorporate it into your every day concealed carry and smart storage needs!

We've launched a sign up contest where you'll need to fill out an application if you'd like a chance to be selected for this beta test run of the smart ABDO™. So, head over to the site and fill out the entrance survey today. Once the contest is closed we will be reaching out to contest winners to receive their Test ABDOs. We will only select a limited number of beta testers to ensure the highest level of service to each user.

Once the ABDO™ is sent out, it's your turn to use and abuse these machines. Apply them to your everyday lives. If you are licensed to carry you can of course legally conceal carry with them*, but you can also use the Smart ABDO™ as a personal smart travel safe, or place to stash something important and keep an eye on it. All the while, we are going to be contacting you and asking for feedback and looking for even more ways to improve smart ABDO™! If you think of new features to add or new uses please share that with us. Please click the link below to get started. We are as excited as you are to take Smart ABDO™ to the next level!

If you think you’re up to the challenge, then let’s get you signed up.

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*You are responsible for knowing and abiding by all Federal, State and Local laws and regulations regarding concealed carry, firearm storage, use and ownership.
** Always practice safety first

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