Crafting Your Concealed Carry

Crafting Your Concealed Carry

Are you considering Concealed Carry?

Blog body Post 9 29 16 1Maybe you’ve spent some time at the range with some real shooters, learned a lot, sat through a class and now you have your concealed permit. So now the big question is where and how do you conceal when you are carrying? When trying to figure out how and where would be best to hide a gun our person, there are a lot of things to consider. After all, keeping something the size of a .45 or a 357 magnum pistol concealed is no easy task.

Concealed carry holsters come in a variety of types. There are a number of everyday accessories and clothing items that have been designed specifically for concealment. The most commonly used attach to your belt like an inside the waistband holster. If an IWB holster does not sound effective you can try EAA’s very own ABDO™ concealed carry safe. Disguised as a cell phone it is concealment in plain view. This simple and unique device offers fast and easy concealed carry at your fingertips. The ABDO™ can be hung from a belt or inside a purse for fast easy access.

The ultimate goal is to keep your side-arm concealed but also easily accessible when you need it most. Depending on how you choose to conceal you could either run into a situation where you aren’t fully concealed or you can’t access your firearm easily. It is best to picture an outfit that will be comfortable to accommodate a firearm concealed under. When you have this in mind, try it out and inspect from multiple angles to make sure you are concealing effectively.

Once you have established proper concealment externally, you should then make sure you are internally prepared to carry. Even though a firearm is physically hidden on your person if you are not comfortable or confident in wearing your gun, your body language may give you away if you seem awkward or suspicious. NRA Family states that it is best to “internalize the message that you’re pulling it off and that no, nobody can tell.”

There are a number of ways to conceal, each has their own benefits and draw backs. Make sure you try out many different techniques and products to find what is best for you. If you are considering carrying in your vehicle make sure to check out what NRA has to say about car concealed carry here. As always, carry responsibly and stay up to date on rules of concealed carry in your area. Keep up the safe carrying!

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