Cue the guns, it's Mentor Month!

Cue the guns, it's Mentor Month!

It’s Mentor Month! Grab your kids, grab your neighbors, because it's time to head to the range!


If you didn't already know, in 2015 the NRA created a program called the NRA Mentor Initiative. Targeted towards its 5 million NRA members, this program was designed to encourage experienced shooters to mentor new shooters on proper firearm safety. From the combined previous two years, this annual initiative has reached a participation record of more than 40,000 members, and will only continue to increase. EAA Corp did not hesitate to get involved either. Along with many others, we have been a proud sponsor of this program since the beginning. We support the NRA in their goal to "secure the future of the Second Amendment by helping to teach a new shooter the responsible use of guns." 

You too can show your support for our gun rights by taking part in this initiative. This is your chance to join the NRA Family and become a NRA Mentor! Which is not only a self-gratifying feeling but in doing so, you can also enter into the NRA Mentor Sweepstakes. Prizes include our very own Witness P Match Pro 9mm pistol, our Witness P Match 9mm pistol and so much more! So not only do you get to take part in one of your favorite activities, but you also can win awesome prizes for doing so. What’re you waiting for?! 

The NRA Mentor Initiative is all throughout the month of May, but it is encouraged by the NRA to pay it forward all year round.

Safe shooting everyone!


The NRA Sweepstakes beings April 15th and ends July 5th. 

For more information on how you can get involved or how to enter the Mentor Sweepstakes, you can follow this link.

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