NRAAM Wrap-Up and Mentor Initiative

NRAAM Wrap-Up and Mentor Initiative

Chalk up another win for the Second Amendment! The NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits were a huge success again this year. More than 81,000 attendees descended upon Atlanta to celebrate family, freedom and firearms.

NRAAM 2017 in ATLAtlanta opened its arms wide to welcome the event and NRA members with the southern hospitality for which this deep south city is famous. From residents in the streets to the staff of the Georgia World Congress Center, where the event was held, the citizens of Atlanta were amazing hosts and clearly supporters of the cause. In part because of the locals, we at EAA CORP. had an especially wonderful time at this year’s NRAAM. We’d like to take a moment to send our deepest gratitude to the National Rifle Association for another fantastic event, to our friends and fans that came by to support us, to the city for welcoming us with such open arms and a special thank you to the staff of the GWCC for playing an integral part in this celebration of the Second Amendment. Thank you.


NRA Mentor InitiativeFor the past 3 years, to coincide with the Annual Meetings & Exhibits, NRA Publications has organized a movement deemed “The Mentor Initiative”. This program is a concerted effort to create an environment of inclusion and education for new shooters of all ages by

“encouraging all 5 million NRA members to take new or prospective shooters to the range, thereby turning potential apprehension into familiarity”.

The goal is to make mentorship the primary focus during the month of May and to carry this idea throughout the year. To celebrate this initiative and “Mentor Month”, NRA Publications is holding a sweepstakes to give away more than 30 amazing prizes during the Month of May. EAA CORP is extremely proud to sponsor the Mentor initiative and sweepstakes for another year. We’ve even donated TWO of our newest pistols for the giveaway! You’ll have the chance to win either our Witness P Match or Witness P Match Pro amongst other prizes. At EAA Corp we truly believe that safety, education and inclusion are the most important pieces to defending our second amendment rights as well as teaching new generations to love and respect the shooting sports as much as we do.

Head over to the NRA Mentor Sweepstakes page now to enter and win. Then click the link at the bottom right of the page to download the “NRA Guide for New Shooters”. This booklet is a great resource for shooters of all experience levels and covers many of the most commonly asked and sometimes overlooked questions posed by new shooters.
Good luck in the sweepstakes! Now go forth, find a friend or family member that would like to learn and get to the range friends.

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