Pure in Polymer

Pure in Polymer

Tanfoglio is taking on a different approach with some new products.

Traversing the tested 1911 landscape in a sporty new polymer frame, let us introduce you to the Witness Elite Polymer 1911. This fantastic new firearm is featured in this months edition of the National Rifle Association's Shooting illustrated magazine. The Witness Elite Polymer 1911 is the first of it's kind, a Polymer Single Stack 1911 Pistol. It stands as modern reflection of the age-old 1911 design.

EAA's Witness Elite Polymer is a 1911 enthusiast's next obsession. With a 5-inch-barrel length and .45 ACP caliber it holds true to two of the most notable features of the classic John Moses Browning's design. It's a 1911 purists dream, dipped in plastic. Being cast in a polymer frame the weight of the overall gun is significantly reduced, opening the gate to an unfamiliar frontier for this famous design, concealed carry. The polymer design also allows for a durable frame and puts this pistol in a price range that positions it ahead of the competition.

Now if the 1911 Design isn't your fancy but you are a Tanfoglio Witness fan, you have to check the 1911's new compact cousins, the Witness Elite Polymer "Commander" and "Officer". Both of these new compact models are available in .45 ACP or 9mm caliber. Head to over to our products page to read up more about this new and exciting direction for the Tanfoglio Witness Polymer family.

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See it in action here!

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