What is Iron Sight Fatigue?

Have you ever been staring down a traditional 3 dot sight and struggled to keep the sights in focus? You’re not alone. You may not have heard of it yet, but if you’re an avid shooter, we bet you’ve experienced what we’re calling “Iron Sight Fatigue”. Over time, focusing on near-field objects becomes more difficult and/or causes us to lose the ability to maintain that focus. Much like reading the paper every morning, we see visiting the range often as beneficial to our lives but it can also be difficult on our eyes.

​The difficulty comes from the prolonged focus on a closeup object, iron sights in this case, and can cause a slew of issues. The two most noticeable are the major loss of accuracy while participating in shooting sports and a general feeling of “tired eyes”. Talk to nearly any long time competitor and you’re sure to hear that they regularly experience one or both of these symptoms. But not to fear, there are ways to reduce these issues.

Some shooting sport athletes use “eye exercises” originally developed for office workers. These exercises help reduce eye strain associated with computer use and can be easily adapted for shooting sports, but they require a conscious effort to perform and must be performed multiple times during a single trip to the range. Not always practical, especially during intense competition.

Others have chosen eyeglasses to compensate for the vision issues. While glasses can certainly be an instant help, they can also create other issues such as a difficulty with focus on far objects. In order to reduce drawbacks, shooters will often need bifocals and/or safety frames and lenses. The bifocals give a great range of focus and the safety frames/lenses protect sensitive areas and while Bifocal safety glasses sound great, they can be incredible expensive and occasionally cumbersome.

Now there’s another option, and it’s better and more economical than ever before. The new GiRSAN line of pistols that come standard with an installed dot carry optics system, from EAA Corp.

The MC28 SA-T
a striker fire 9mm full-size pistol, that comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, integral trigger safety, 3 interchangeable grip inserts, and installed Dot Carry Optics. All at an SRP under $500. The MC28 SA-T is the first reasonably priced complete Dot Carry Optics pistol package.

The MC1911 (in three configurations)
“OK”, you say, “Another 1911, big deal”. Well, it is a big deal when you have a fully machined steel frame 1911 in three configurations, with a carry optics option or a MATCH option, that comes priced similar to the “big name” guy’s basic model. So, before you “buy a name” and pay too much, take a look at the EAA / GiRSAN 1911 line up and don’t forget, they have a limited LIFETIME warranty.