1. Scroll down and click into the space beside "Enter Serial #"
  2. Enter the serial number found on your firearm and click the yellow button labeled "Lookup Serial Number"
    NOTE: Do NOT press enter. If you do press enter, move the mouse over the word "View" in the top left, then click "Lookup Serial#" from the dropdown to reload the tool.
  3. Write down the part number(s) for your magazine(s) or...
  4. Click the yellow button at the bottom to see the magazine(s) in the EAA Corp webstore and order today!

*If you find and order your magazine using this tool and the magazine does not fit please contact EAA Corp to let us know so that we may resolve the issue. Thank you!

ATTENTION:SAR Firearms with serials beginning in "T1102" may be listed as follows:
1. T1102-0000... (Dash after initial 5 digits) 
2. T1102 0000... (Space after initial five digits) 
3. T11020000... (No space or dash after initial 5 digits)
If you are still unable to find your magazine, please give us a call at (321) 639-4842 or use the contact form on this page.

 info* If you encounter an error on the page below, just click "OK" to reload the tool