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  • Threaded Barrel
  • Beretta 92 Style
  • Preferred Sidearm of Turkish LE
  • G10 Grips
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Girsan built their Regard MC pistol line based on the Beretta® 92 pistol used by the US Military. The result is a pistol that is a NATO approved sidearm preferred by many military and police forces around the world. The Regard MC is a lightweight, full size 9mm pistol that has been proven time and again for its reliability and performance under pressure. Available in three colors: Blue/Black, Dark Earth and Two-Tone.

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Manufactured By







Blue-Black, Dark Earth, Two Tone

Frame Size



2.15 lbs


Forged Aluminum


Home Defense, Personal Defense, Recreational Shooting, Tactical

Threaded Barrel


Prop65 Warning

Models Available - Girsan Regard MC-BX

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$556DARK EARTH741566903854390085YES9MM18+15"8.75"

2 reviews for REGARD MC BX

  1. Wm.Thomas Binder

    The Regard is an excellent pistol for the low price it is. Was looking at Beretta as I had one, but the Regard has proven to be an awesome accurate pistol. I have been an FFL, since 1978 and have seen alot of imports come and go. This one is a definite keeper

  2. Daniel Sanders

    I purchased my Renegade MC BX a couple of days ago. I served on active duty in the marine corps infantry for 10 years, and am very familiar with the M9 and its operation. I agree with GiRSAN’s claim to have perfected this model of pistol. It ran flawlessly at the range, and I love the molded finger grooves on the frame.
    My only complaint is the G10 grips with my pistol. The raised ridges come to points at the back end of the grip, and they poke the webbing between my thumb and index finger when I grip the pistol, making it uncomfortable for my grip, and causing me to have to change my grip style.
    I still give this a 5-star rating for its amazing performance and value, and I’m interested in testing some other models they offer to see how they perform as well.

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