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GiRSAN Turkish Firearm Manufacturer

Over the years EAA has brought many high quality reasonably priced firearms to the USA. We have been talking to Girsan for many years and tested their products over the years. We can now say we are very excited to add Girsan products to the EAA line up. We have even entered a long term agreement with Girsan, as we feel they make one of the best small arms in the world today.

The MC28 SA-T is a striker fire 9mm full-size pistol, that comes with a limited lifetime warranty, low profile 3 dot sight system, integral trigger safety, 3 interchangeable grip inserts, and installed Dot Carry Optics, all at an SRP under $500. The MC28 SA-T is the first reasonably priced complete Dot Carry Optics pistol package.

Another 1911?... Big deal... Well, it is a big deal when you have a fully machined steel frame 1911 in three configurations with carry optics as an option or a Match version option that is priced like the "big name's" basic pistols. For example, the MC1911S-T in 45acp has a checkered frame, low profile 3 dot drift adjustable sight, extended beaver tail, checkered grip safety, deep groove slide serrations, long hole hammer, checkered grips, ambo safeties and installed Dot Carry Optics, all with an SRP under $700. If that's not your cup of tea, how about the award winning MC1911 Match in 45acp with a checkered frame, EAA fully adjustable super sight, extended beaver tail, checkered grip safety, target trigger, deep groove slide serrations, long hole hammer, laminated checkered grips, extended ambo safety and an SRP under $850. All MC1911 pistols are backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

Years ago the US Military adopted the Beretta® 92. Now, Girsan has perfected this design. Girsan’s Regard MC has been the preferred sidearm of the Turkish Military and law enforcement for many years and is a NATO approved sidearm. The Regard MC is so good, that the Vice President of EAA uses this pistol as his everyday carry. Think about it, a guy that has many pistols to choose from, carries the Girsan Regard.

A good friend once told me

“Do not come to see the show, be the show”.

I can tell you Girsan did not come to see the show, they are the Show .
-Keith Bernkrant (President of EAA Corp)

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