Weihrauch Windicator

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  • Alloy & Steel Frames
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Single & Double Action
  • 6 RD Capacity
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Its name says it all, “Windicator.” Made in Germany by Weihrauch Revolver, this dependable revolver has your back! The six-shot, DA/SA Windicator is purpose- built with 2-inch, 4-inch, and now 6-inch barrel models. You can also choose from Nickel Finish or Blue/Black Finish. The rubber grips make the Windicator feel like an extension of your hand for sure fire action. Choose from .38 Special or .357 Magnum and find out why so many love the Windicator.





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Please include all contact information including your phone number in letter form and a copy of the purchase receipt.

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If the gun is a used long gun and the owner is not the original owner, then the factory warranty is no longer valid. EAA will still service the used gun; but there will be an estimate for the repair. This will require the gun to be returned to our service department.

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20 reviews for Weihrauch Windicator

  1. Jeffrey Sells

    This is a hearty well made firearm. Solid and may be heavy to some. But well worth it. The weight also helps to reduce the recoil. At 1.9 lbs. You will know your carrying it. One of the best gun purchases I have ever made.

  2. John Manley

    I purchased my revolver on a whim. It turned out to be an incredible stroke of luck! It was a little stiff initially, but smoothed out with a few hundred dry fires (with snap caps) and a 150 rounds of .38 Special and .357 Magnums on the range. The DA is still a little stiff(wonder if they use the same mainspring for rim fire and center fire?).

    It may be the best shooting .357 snub ever-and I have fired a LOT of .357 snubs in the last 63 years as a solider and a cop. POA and POI are so close with 158 gr loads as to be pretty much meaningless.
    It takes a #10 HKS speed loader and I found it fits some S&W K frame holsters like a glove.

    It is heavy but it makes firing full house magnum loads a breeze. I could find only two screws in the whole construction, wonder if I missed any?

    If only they made a 9 mm cylinder…………………………………..

  3. Alfred L.

    This is something special! I went out looking for a .38 special and came across this beautiful piece of artwork. Thanks guys!

  4. Alfred L.

    This thing is awesome! I went out looking for a .38 special and came across this beautiful piece of artwork. Thanks guys!

  5. Frank Bradshaw

    this is my second time owning this piece of art. did not even look at others . in 65 years of shooting, I only had one other that outshot the windicator. If you want (as i have already stated) a reliable piece of art look no further. and the price, well thats just a bonus.

  6. Gordon S.

    I purchased mine in 1987. 357 mag, 2″ barrel. Since then, it has been my daily carry, and I force myself to practice with it at least 100 rounds /year. I say force, because every shot fired gets my face slapped from the percussion. Recoil isn’t bad, but the air-compression blowback with full mag loads stings!
    With over 3000 rounds through it, there is no slop or rattle anywhere, the bluing is nearly as good as new, and although there must have been missfires along the way, None come to mind except the occasional dud cartridge.
    If this trips your interest, get it. You won’t get substantially better durability or build quality at any price.
    My only recommendation would be IF you can pack a 4″ or 6″ barrel model, get that. Just a little bit more barrel really helps.

  7. Schutes

    It’s a great looking revolver and it shoots even better! They were on sale at the local big box outdoor store, (before the plague set in), so I took a look and just had to have one. I’d seen some reviews that were critical of the trigger pull but this one felt pretty good in the store. After I got it home I let my wife try it and she thinks the trigger pull is great! After some dry firing and about a hundred rounds the trigger IS great! The recoil is very manageable, (even for my wife), and it shoots right where you point it. I couldn’t be happier with it and I’m sure I’ll have another in the near future.

  8. GreatPogo

    I bought a used snub nose for $220 back in 2014 and I must say, it’s the best value I have ever gotten when purchasing a firearm.
    It’s as sturdy as could be and of course the .357 is big round. I carry it sometimes or keep it within reach at home. It’s the gun I would grab first in a sticky situation.
    If you’re looking for a good .357 magnum revolver, look no further. Get one of these and with the money you save stock up on ammo.

  9. Nick Smith

    I picked up a Windicator at a gun show several years ago. I really like it. The only mistake I made was letting my better half shoot it. Now, it’s HER favorite revolver. It’s solid, shoots well and is easy to conceal. Had to find another one for myself.

  10. paul wilson

    Great little gun for the price!

  11. Thom.Stackhouse

    Purchased the Windicator 2″ (blue) and the stainless steel (4″) about the same time, as I recall. Both of them are sturdy and look great. The 2″ snub is in my daily carry rotation and the 4″ beast is my Sunday church carry. I sincerely appreciate the high quality build of my Windicators! Now, I am trying to find a 6″ Windicator to complete the family. Get one, you’ll be glad you did!

  12. Ednis Gallion

    Shoots low, jams with some 357 mag loads, and can’t find any aftermarket accessories like grips and leather iwb holsters. I have owned one for 15 years now.

  13. Christopher White

    It’s the first high caliber revolver I ever bought and I’m personally going to buy probably a 4-in or a 6-in. my father loves mine so much he keeps wanting me to sell but I’m probably going to get him one for his birthday can’t decide if I should go and get him a stainless model or get him the 2-in blue that I’ve got. I can’t recommend this gun enough it may be a bit on the heavy side but it’s perfect for winter carry or wilderness walk I practice shooting this thing so much one-handed that I can now easily hit targets with full load 357s I just can’t recommend this gun enough.

  14. Joseph Colombo

    I have 3 of these and have friends who also have them and sold a few when I had my store. I can only say that these firearms work and shoot great, I never received any bad feedback from any of the ones I sold or the ones my friend’s have, true strong firearm. The only thing I found was the nickel one is a little stuff to clean if you shoot a lot of rounds. But will clean very satisfied with my 357 4″

  15. Christopher : )

    … great revolver/wheel gun… solid construction, good weight and balance, 2″ packs away well, 4″ for the trails and 6″ for the woods with 180GR HARDCAST = you “should” be set, lol… combat proven, simplistic design, available wood grips via EAA’s website in case you do not already know, also another rubber grip size depending on if you have large or small versions on your revolvers… they have spare parts, take a look at those… not a good pistol it is a GREAT PISTOL… 6″ is on my list… OH! and EAA has holsters as well, kydex, and yes as above poster mentioned K-Frame holster fits nice/snug…

  16. Dana

    Owned a 2″ snub (,357)for about 12 years. Use it primarily for camping with snake load or fmj. Well made and built like a tank. It’s heafty weight makes shooting hot loads much more comfortable. Solid and comfortable shooter.

    Bottom line — I love it. Thinking about a 4″ or maybe 6″ in the near future. Unbeatable value.

  17. Richard Manning

    Love this revolver, but don’t like those palmar grips. The only option is the wood, which is better looking. I would like it if I could get rubber grips for it. Other than that it’s a great revolver for a great price

  18. William Uhlenbrauck

    Bought a new 4” in 38 special about six years ago at Gander Mountain. A bit heavy, but that helps with the recoil and getting back on target. Great gun for the money. Last month picked up a 2” in 357 gently used at my lgs. It is also very accurate and a joy to shoot. I would recommend this line to anyone looking for a reliable revolver that’s easy on the budget too. Any plans for a 8/9 shot 22 or 5 shot 44 special? Wishful thinking on my part!

  19. sean Messmer

    I have wanted a revolver for my personal use, and got to shoot several during my 19.5 years of military service. After months of careful researh, I have decided to buy the Weirich windacator 4 inch barrel 357/ 38 caliber , with the wooden grips and blued barrel. i will finish my reveiw

  20. Jerry D Oswald

    I have had mine for about a year now. Not the best on double action trigger compared to my King Cobra. More along the Ruger 357. It is a nice carry size. I will say I am not happy with the Q&A. Never test fired from factory, Never cleaned from factory. In order to load rounds the first time I had to disassemble and clean all machining debris from chamber and barrel before accepting rounds. Overall it shoots well and an easy carry.

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