EAACorp and Girsan received the American Rifleman Handgun of the Year award for the Girsan High Power™ PI OPS model during the 2024 NRA Annual Meeting, making this event truly special for the team.

The Girsan High Power™ MCP35 OPS, represents a fusion of tradition and modernity at an affordable price. Crafted based on an iconic design and adorned with classic styling, the “OPS” model boasts a suite of contemporary features tailored for 21st-century firearm owners. Enthusiasts can expect an accessory rail, flat face trigger, extended beavertail, no magazine disconnect, ambidextrous safety, and a fiber optic front sight.

This award reaffirms EAA Corp’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge firearms that resonate with the evolving needs of shooters at a reasonable price point. The Golden Bullseye Award, a symbol of industry excellence, further solidifies EAA Corp’s standing as a leader in the firearm community.

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Peter Fountain – Photography NRA Publications