Girsan High Power™ MC P35

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  • Steel Frame
  • Iconic Design
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Short Recoil

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Made with serious respect to John Browning Classic design, The Girsan High Power™ MC P35 pays homage to one of the most widely used military handgun designs in the World. Built on a steel frame and slide, the MC P35 boasts a 15+1 capacity in a staggered column magazine. Built on a steel frame and slide in 3 solid matte finishes. Originally designed as a military pistol, it necessitated extreme accuracy and the Girsan High Power™ MC P35 does not disappoint and delivers high performance.

The short recoil 9mm, 4 5/8” barrel, along with the slide, allow for quick second shot resets, getting the shooter on target faster. The rear sight is a windage drift adjustable sight and the front is a dovetail sight. The traditional slim trigger allows for a short trigger reset and is accessible even while wearing gloves. In addition, the serrated ring hammer provides a positive grip while cocking with minimal chance of hammer bite causing hand damage. Enhanced external controls of the High Power™ include an external extractor, ambidextrous safety, and magazine disconnect safety.





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If the gun is a used long gun and the owner is not the original owner, then the factory warranty is no longer valid. EAA will still service the used gun; but there will be an estimate for the repair. This will require the gun to be returned to our service department.

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Girsan MC P35 Manual

13 reviews for Girsan High Power™ MC P35

  1. Sim Sala Bim

    Hello, Long time EAA customer.

    Since the 1990’s. (Thank you) The Girsan MC P35 pistol has a very nice feel to it. I own a Browning high power FN Competition model. Plus a new Springfield Armory SA35. So I do know what one should look like. I bought two Girsan MC 35 pistols. From the reviews they look like well made / nice guns. No rough edges, nice finish. Slide to frame fit is tight.

    My only rub is, the size of the Warning Read Safety Manual font / stamped print size. EAA Cocoa Fl made in TURLYE? yes TURLYE. (On both MC P35 pistols) Maybe consider resizing the size warning label. To the size rolled stamped on a Ruger rifle barrel. Then spell check: made in Turkey? Best of luck with your sales.
    Continue to work your Sim Sim Salabim.

  2. Aaron Tarpine

    Great gun. Built very well, feels solid and sturdy. Bought off the recommendation of my gun guy. Very happy with it. Only negative is it doesn’t fit me well. The stubby beaver tail digs into me. So I bought the OPS version that has the longer, 1911 style frame. Kept this gun so I can swap the longer barrel and slide to the new one.

  3. Valor Trooper

    I purchased the Girsan MC P35 based on the reviews, availability, & price. I was not willing to pay the demanding prices for an original Browning Hi Power for a 9mm pistol just because it was considered a classic. Springfield Armory SA35 as a Browning Hi Power clone was a good alternative until “supply and demand” continued to drive the up the purchase price to less than a reasonable level. The Girsan MC P35 9mm pistol is my first purchase of a firearm produced in Turkey, I am a loyal S&W, Ruger, Colt, Winchester, Henry fan. l however do not regret my purchase of this pistol which has met my expectations for a well crafted, reliable, good looking Browning Hi Power clone without the high dollar purchase requirement. This is not a “cheap gun” and it certainly deserves the opportunity to be viewed as an excellent Browning Hi Power clone for gun enthusiasts. It shoots well with no failures and is quick to be drawn back on target after discharge. I am pleased with my Girsan MC P35 and would have no hesitation in recommending this pistol to those looking for a Browning Hi Power clone at a reasonable price ($540-$600) . I purchased mine recently for $577 including Tax.

  4. Eric Farr

    I just bought myself one of these for Christmas. I have always pined for a Browning HP and this caught my eye at the local gun store. It is obviously a master design of form meets function, Not nearly as bulky as other high capacity 9mm pistols It is painted white with black accents and grips. The gun ws a joy to shoot. Very natural to aim and remarkably drops back down to same position for follow up shots. I was able to run a set of steel plates faster on the first day than other 9’s that I have shot for years, Ringin g the gong at 50 yards was a piece of cake. My only complaint is that it makes all my other high performance combat guns obsolete! The factory magazine is also well above the industry standard, I hope I can find them on this website to order. The aftermarket mags functioned without a fault, however they are much harder to load than the factory mag. Great Product, I recommend it as the best value on the market today. Avoid the tupperware plastic frames, buy a family heirloom!

  5. Dennis

    Nice little pistol. A bargain at the price. I just might have to get another

  6. Jake

    Extremely accurate, feels great in the hand, no malfunctions whatsoever after 500 rounds. Keep it up, EAA Corp! Would love to see an optics ready option for the MC P35 slide eventually.

  7. HARRY

    fit and finish excellent. watched for this gun long time. have not shot it yet.

  8. Alberto Marin

    Upon receiving my Girsan MC P35, the weapon is well made and finished nicely (black finish) and packaged in a gun case which is also well constructed and good enough to protect the weapon in a gun safe. So far, since I haven’t had the chance to shoot it yet, the weapon is sturdy, and no manufacturing curbs were made by Girsan.

  9. Ben

    I purchased this pistol yesterday. I cleaned and lubricated the pistol while at the gun shop and then took it to the gun shop’s pistol range. I only had a single box of 9mm 124 gr. FMJ with me at that time. I am a Firearms instructor and I wanted to see how the pistol would handle. The pistol functioned flawlessly. I fired the first 29 rounds in basically slow fire to get a feel for it. I then fired the last 21 rounds doing failure to stop drills ( Mozambique Drills). The pistol was a pure pleasure to shoot. It is a natural pointer, recoil was easy to manage and I had no trouble placing my shots exactly where I wanted them. This pistol operated and felt like the Hi Powers I have had before. The pistol’s fit and finish are very nice. The pistol sight’s are the same as the Mark III Hi Power’s of the past to include white bars instead of white dots. The sights are very user friendly and made target acquisition fast and easy. The only complaint I have was I only had one box of ammunition to fire. If you are considering buying this pistol put your mind at ease and go for it. You can’t go wrong. One last comment on the pistol, if you practice with your pistols to include magazine changes, a magazine disconnect is not, nor ever has been, an issue.

  10. John M Shriver

  11. Mc Fly

    This is to offset the magazine disconnect question in the review area. No experience with this model but I’m glad to see a BHP at a price I wouldn’t mind wearing into an ftx.

  12. CliffO ONeal

    Does this handgun have a magazine disconnect like the original?

  13. Richard Chambers

    Just Got this wonderful pistol today and it is a gr8 shooter I run 90 rounds out of it and it performed flawlessly.It took me me afew shots to see how it was sighted but it grouped very well After I got used to it . The trigger is crisp with very little creep before the breakand the reset is awesome.And I tell you this I have a Glock 17 very good gun but this to me is better just saying.Got a very low production number too number 36. for the shipping I tired to get my free holster it gave me a number to write down but damn if I can’t figure where to go to pay for the shipping and handling of it>

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