Girsan Regard MC

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  • Beretta 92 Style
  • Single Action / Double Action
  • Preferred Sidearm of Turkish LE
  • Multiple Color Finishes

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EAA & GIRSAN have taken a proven pistol design and delivered lightweight full-sized everyday handguns that are consistent, reliable and available in multiple configurations. Based on the world-famous Italian Beretta 92 platform, the Girsan Regard MC duty ready firearms are highly acclaimed worldwide. In addition, Turkish Law Enforcement prefers the Girsan Regard MC 9mm as their trusted sidearm of choice. Starting at a fantastic value price of just $484!

Features of the Regard MC include multiple slide serrations on the top of the pistol for easier racking of the slide. Also, multiple finishes to choose from, for instance we have classic black, desert dark earth, and black/gray two-tone. It comes equipped with an accessory rail as well for attachments such as lasers and flashlights making the Regard MC an ideal choice for use during night time encounters. An ambidextrous safety is installed for use for both left and right handed shooters. A drift adjustable sight comes attached and can be modified to match your preferred positioning so that you feel comfortable when lining up shots on the target.






If the gun is owned by the original owner then the original owner should send the gun back to EAA at:
COCOA, FL 32922

Please include all contact information including your phone number in letter form and a copy of the purchase receipt along with the gun.

*Please document and retain the serial number of the gun for your records.*

If the gun is a used handgun and the owner is not the original owner, then the factory warranty is no longer valid. EAA will still service the used handgun, but there will be an estimate for the repair. The service tech(s) will not begin repair work until the customer has been notified with an estimate for the repair.



If it is a long gun and is owned by the original owner, the gun can be sent to EAA for repair. This will require that the gun to be returned to our service department at:
COCOA, FL 32922

Please include all contact information including your phone number in letter form and a copy of the purchase receipt.

*Please document the serial number of the gun for your records. Some long guns only have a 1 year warranty.*

If the gun is a used long gun and the owner is not the original owner, then the factory warranty is no longer valid. EAA will still service the used gun; but there will be an estimate for the repair. This will require the gun to be returned to our service department.

Please include all contact information including your phone number in letter form for the service tech(s) to reach you with an estimate of service repair. The service tech(s) will not begin repair work until the customer has been notified with a estimate for the repair.



A) Handguns: If sent via A FFL Dealer, return freight is $20 and shipped via USPS. If not sent via an FFL holder, return freight is $60, shipped via UPS next day air. (This is the law)
B) Long Guns:
 Return freight is $20, shipped via UPS ground.
C) For the fastest return of your firearm: It is recommended that you include your email and billing address with your firearm when you ship it in for repair. This will help to expedite the return shipping process. If the information is not included along with your firearm, EAA Corp. service department will call to receive payment prior to return shipment.

*Costs may vary depending on location and method of shipment. Costs listed above are an estimate and represent the typical return freight prices.*

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39 reviews for Girsan Regard MC

  1. Brian P

    Loved it when I had it, wish I did not sell it because I can not buy another due to state law. Wish they sold a version with a 10 or 15 round mag so I could get it again.

  2. Richard Linares

    Impress buy reliable and quality of this firearms. I would buy one again.

  3. Brian

    bought my Regard Mc about a year ago, not knowing anything about Girsan…….This gun is smooth and surprisingly accurate, and very happy that I purchased it.👍

  4. Maverick

    love the pistol enough to purchase two more. Shoots awesome, quite accurate and very gentle. Just like every 92 or M9 I’ve ever shot but a third the price. My only complaint is the cerakote finish on the FDE models chips off very easily. I carry the pistol in a combat style holster on a ditch bag that travels with me everywhere. it get’s tossed around a good bit and therefore the 2 year old pistol looks like it’s gone through numerous tours. I suspect a blued model would look much better with that kind of use. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a large capacity, large frame pistol.

  5. Lemuelovich

    Why would anyone give this weapon less that 5*. I own several semi auto. Beretta92, Glock 27 & 40, S&W 945, Springfield 1911 and Sigs. It almost an exact clone of my Beretta 92 with much interchangeability.. All in different calibers. I must say the Girson Regard MC stands with the best of them. The double/single action, the easy takedown, the slide action and the dependability all add to the great finish and balance. The 12 pound trigger pull is little more than I like but still a nice smooth pull. I’ll probably drop it to about 10 lbs. All in all after about 200 various types rounds not a problem one. This is a great weapon for anyone.

  6. Jeffrey Wilson

    I purchased the Regard well over a year ago and put a lot of rounds through it! It never failed…steel, brass, aluminum, took it all…but,…it is heavy…think twice about it if you want to have it as an everyday carry. Being in Florida it’s hard to hide the ” beast” under clothing…It is a great pistol !

  7. Briar Nuce

    My first modern pistol purchase I saw the gun for 350 and took my chance best pistol I’ve ever owned it’s now my carry gun I run a holster that has room for two mags plus one in the gun 18 round mags are a must very light amazing handling just a well balanced pistol when I purchased it everyone told me there not reliable they won’t shoot good they’ll need replacement parts buy brand name and they were all wrong absolutely amazing firearm perfect for a first firearm for anyone never had a jam or failure to feed/eject and amazingly smooth I mean butter smooth I’m beyond happy with the firearm

  8. Lawrence Ellison

    Always wanted a Beretta 92 since serving in Kuwait. I never could justify the price but kept watching the cost go up each year. Got this Girsan Regard at Sportsman for $349.00.
    Jumped on it and never looked back. This pistol is a work of art. Well worth 2 to 3 times the price.

  9. Andylate

    I have owned my Regard MC for a bit over a year now and it has been trouble free. I installed a “D” hammer spring to lighten the DA trigger pull and have fired well over 1000 rounds. Fit and finish on the Regards is very good and the melonite finish is durable – pistol still looks like new. Accurate, reliable, uses 92FS/M9 magazines, and a high quality 18 rd mag is included. The only gripe I have is that the locking block will not interchange with a 92/M9, so EAA is the only source of this part.

  10. Michael r Borghi

    all i can say is that is an awesome accurate reliable shooter. love it

  11. John

    Purchased my Girsan R9 a couple months ago. Have about a 1000 rounds through it with 0 malfunctions. Very smooth shooting and very accurate. I owned a Beretta 92G SD to me the R9 is every bit as good as the 92G. Sold the Beretta. The finish also seems more durable then the Beretta finish. Im not knocking the Beretta its just that the Girsan is that good.

  12. Tim

    I bought my regard MC brand new. $450. I owned a Beretta 92fs many years ago. I must say I like the regard MC much more. It fits the hand better. Out of the box I fire this more accurately than I did the 92fs. Am I the only one that calls the finish on this gun burnt bronze? It’s definitely not tan it’s sparkling like a burnt bronze of sorts. Excellent finish. Flawless design it’s very tight it does not rattle when I shake it. Whatever I feed this thing.. it spits out with no problems. The weight is excellent. Very well balanced. There’s no machining or tooling marks anywhere on this gun inside or out. And I love that Beretta mags fit into this perfectly. I wish it came with more than one magazine though. But I do like the fact that the factory magazine is made by a very reputable company and it holds 18. I only have 17 in it.. that 18th round is a bastard to fit in with a brand new spring. As the spring breaks in a little bit more I’ll put the 18th round into it. It is my edc. It replaced a full frame 1911. I swore I would never carry anything other than one of my 1911s but here I am.. carrying one every day.

  13. Sean

    I picked up a girsan regard about 2 years ago. I now have them in every color except gold and have their 93x copy. I cant get over how good these guns are. Great pistol for a great price!

  14. ACD

    The regard is no slouch. Shot a lot of old,dirty steel case ammo with no problem what so ever. I’ve owned many top brand pistols for many years. The girsan is just as good , if not better I must say . It has become my go to pistol. Would recommend to anyone. I love this gun. You won’t be disappointed. Get one!!

  15. Nick H

    I am very pleased with the Regard. It feels extremely well made. I’m no engineer, but the redesigned locking block seems to be an improvement over the Beretta. Dollar for Dollar, I’ve never gotten this kind of quality in a firearm before. The Regard is everything the Beretta 92 is and more for less money. It’s a no brainer.

  16. Terry Watkins

    OMG, if this pistol was a woman I’d marry it. I own several pistols, all different, never owned a 92f or shot one before, this gun was 367 at attwooods hardware store. After I shot it I immediately went back to buy another, they had sold out, said another guy said the same thing, he shot his and came back for a second one. You will not be disappointed, I did see this in desert tan which looked cool, they wanted 600 for it, I went with all black and kinda glad, bought a low profile green laser light combo for the rail, waiting now for Atwood’s to get another one in so I can get more of these, maybe 2 more, the tan is cool also if you can find at a good price, not sure why one store here wanted much more for the tan, I plinked 3 boxes of ammo at a 3 inch round steel target and hit it every time, first time I shot the gun, anyway as you can tell I think it’s amazing

  17. TimS

    I bought my Regard MC secondhand but unfired in 2019. This was my first handgun purchase and I love this gun – and so do my friends who I shoot with. They have ALL commented that it’s smooth and accurate and just a pleasure to shoot.
    I have put about 1000+ rounds down range with it an it never fails to deliver.
    I eventually replaced the trigger spring with a competition spring which dropped the pull to about 6.5lbs, which is much lighter than the factory 11.8 I was getting when I first bought it. Made a huge difference and was less than $10 to do.
    Definitely a well made and performing handgun, which give the Beretta 92FS the MC is modelled on, a run for better value, accuracy and quality upgrades.

  18. Jeff

    I bought my Girsan Regard about two months ago. I’ve shot 200 plus rounds through it and it performed flawlessly. I shot the center out of the target at 10 yards.

    The grips are much better than the Beretta M92. The grips are longer than the 92 by a quarter inch or so, but that accommodates my large hands. Both the single and double action triggers smooth. This is the best shooting out-of-the box pistol I’ve ever owned. It’s a great value being $200-300 less expensive than the Beretta.

  19. Lawrence

    Very good gun for the Money got mine for $349.99 +tax I like this hand gun a lot.

  20. Dennis S.

    Love the balance and round capacity. Wonder how you adjust the rear drift sight?????? Semper Paratus

  21. charles a sheaffer

    love this fire arm but can’t weather you can feed it a steady diet of 9mm nato or plus P ammo

  22. William Defoe

    I love my Girsan Regard MC. You will never know that this is not a Beretta 92. I’ve never fired it, but I love it!

  23. Christopher J Cavanaugh

    Don’t be fooled, This is a Beretta in every way possible! This is about a 1000.00 dollar gun I purchased for 380.00.

  24. Charles V Carpeaux

    I have heads up compared my Girsan Regard to my Taurus 92 FS and I am 70% more accurate with the regard. I like the grip better because I have a medium size hand. I would suggest this firearm to anyone looking for a beefy 9mm that it made like a tank.

  25. Tom

    I have had my girsan regard for about a year its my edc I am very pleased with this pistol I can hit dead center every time at 50 yards my Smith & Wesson doesn’t stand up to this great pistol

  26. Ivan

    I’m extremely happy with my Girsan Regard
    Brought mine at a gun show on a impulse and good reviews from gun dealers at the show, they said Turkish guns are made extremely well.
    I paid a $100.00 over but No regrets. In the near future going to change the grips,trigger and the hammer .

  27. Mark Allen

    Owned it for about a month, run a couple of boxes of ammo thru it with no problems what so ever. Fantastic trigger right out of the box, big fan of the finger notches, seems to make the grip just a little smaller so it doesn’t feel like it’s about to fly out of your hand like an M9. It takes and works with Beretta 92 and M9 magazines just fine and that’s a huge plus. What a fantastic value for the money spent, so glad I found this product.

  28. Coral Crawford

    I purchased my girsan regard a few days ago. I’ve fired 100rds so far. It lives up to my expectations.

  29. Charles Reed

    I just purchased in March very high quality shoots very well will recommend to my friends

  30. Chris Miller

    Just bought my guess regard mc very nice handgun super accurate and finely made I am very satisfied and love this pistol would recommend it to anyone

  31. Daniel Scallon

    Bought a Guess Regard as my first handgun. LOVE IT!
    Ergonomics are stellar. Fires smoother than the Beretta, accurate. Easy as a Glock to take down & clean.
    You’re paying $400 for a $1000 gun.

  32. Bud Olesen

    I haven’t had my Girsan Regard very long. Since I purchased it I have fired just 200 rounds through it without a hitch. I absolutely love this pistol. Everything about it is top-notch. The fit and finish are truly amazing and on a par with the pistol, it replicates. I just love the way this gun fits in my hand. The trigger is very good as well, and the gun is as accurate, as any weapon I have in my collection of sem-automatic pistols. I will tell you that if you are looking for a superb full-size pistol, the Girsan Regard is an outstanding choice!

  33. Jerry

    I love my regard mc by far best clone out there abd best bang for your buck 9mm I highly recommend this firearm

  34. David Willhight

    I’ve owned Beretta’s for years and I have to say the Regard is every bit as good as a Beretta for a fraction of the cost. The quality is second to none. The machining and the finish are flawless. I’m very happy with my Regard. The only thing I did was replace the hammer spring with a Wilson Combat #16 spring, because the Regard has a very heavy trigger pull. It is compatible with most Beretta parts except the barrel and locking block.

  35. Bud Olesen

    This is some kinda special semi-automatic pistol… These Girsan Regard pistols are NATO approved, are extremely accurate, and for the $$$ stand eye to eye with the Baretta 92. The trigger is what I find most impressive, the take-up and reset make for an incredibly smooth double action. The overall quality of this gun is on par with anything on the market, and it just fits a man’s hand so well. I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied with my Girsan Regard.

  36. Jan Abeita

    Excellent quality. Accurate right out of the box. Very happy with this purchase.

  37. Tony

    Happy with my purchase. Is my first pistol and I am happy with how simply the gun functions. Already put about 2k fmj rounds thru without a hitch. Would definitely recommend!

  38. Steven scarbrough

    Love this very happy with mine

  39. Tim McWhirter Jr.

    Very nice high quality gun.

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