EAA’s MC 14T Lady Tip-Up by Girsan was given a wonderful review from Elizabeth Bienas of Guns.com. She goes over how comfortable and easy the gun is to use. Also, the aesthetics of the Lady were given high praise for its beautiful finish and design. The merits of the gun’s size were also brought to light in the article, stating that both small and large hands could find comfort gripping the gun and managing the Lady’s light recoil.

The Tip-Up design makes it easy to load for those with disabilities or for those who have difficulty pulling back the slide. In the video, you can see how simple it is for anyone to chamber a round to be ready for shooting. This also makes it less stressful for novice or beginner gun owners to learn how to use a handgun. Not only can shooters quickly draw and load this firearm, but they can even make highly accurate shots in succession. This is due to the low pushback from the .380 ACP caliber. Many beginners like to start with a revolver because of not needing to use a slide. However, the modern design of the MC 14T Lady lets anyone start with this brand new pistol from EAA & Girsan!

For the full article on the Girsan MC 14T Lady Tip-Up click on the image below:

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