Akkar Churchill 612 Pump Home Defense [Discontinued]

(29 customer reviews)
  • Pump Action
  • 3 Configurations
  • Synthetic Stock and Forend
  • Pistol or Straight Stock
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STANDARD STOCK: For the shotgun traditionalist looking for a home defense shotgun, the Akkar Churchill 612 Pump Home Defense with a standard grip stock fits the bill. In 12GA 3”, the Akkar Churchill 612 Pump Home Defense shotgun features an 18.5” barrel and super durable polymer stock and forend for years of confident protection.

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PISTOL GRIP: Home defense for the serious-minded. The Churchill 612 12GA 3” pump shotgun is a polymer stock shotgun with a shorter 18.5” barrel making it very maneuverable in tight conditions.

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TACTICAL: The Churchill 612 Tactical 12GA 3” pump-action shotgun is purpose-built for home defense or as a police patrol shotgun. Outfitted with a pistol grip and Picatinny receiver rail for optics or lights, extended tactical choke tube, and ghost ring sight, the 18.5” shorter barreled shotgun is perfect for tight maneuvering. The polymer stock and pistol grip are super durable no matter the conditions. Featuring a tactical crown muzzle brake.

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29 reviews for Akkar Churchill 612 Pump Home Defense [Discontinued]

  1. Kelly

    Fired 3” magnum turkeys loads out of mine. My shoulder hated me but the gun worked flawlessly. Took a bit of cleaning and break in to get it to feed right but what gun doesn’t?

  2. John Emerson

    Advertised as a 5+1 but when I put 5 in the magazine and chamber 1 it jams when the first shell is ejected. If I load 4+1 it works perfect. Have run about 100 rounds so far. Tried the 5+1 setup a couple more times and same results, it jams when ejecting the first shell. I have not contacted the distributor yet but plan to do so. I hope it is just an adjustment I can make and don’t have to spend money to send it in for service. I have the tactical version and love the looks and the pistol grip is a nice feature. I am using 2-3/4” shells.

  3. Bob M

    This shotgun is good to go. I’m impressed with the overall quality, and I have fired 50 rounds of buckshot through it and had 100% feed and extraction. Groups landed where I expected them to, with only a slight adjustment to the elevation, to 15 yards. There are a couple of small issues with mine. The fiber optic mounted in the front sight (I have the pistol grip tactical model) is not clear as one would expect, so doesn’t flow light as I believe it should. The exterior seems off color, a bit dirty looking but doesn’t clean up. The screws holding the rail were not tightened fully, along with the screws holding the rear sight base. Also, the metal is soft. I’m hoping I can get a replacement fiber for the front and replacement screws for the rear sight base, as they distorted slightly when I was sure, to me at least, that I had the correct bit for them.

  4. James Mcglone


  5. Ivette prather

    Perfect shotgun for home defense…I was looking around for a shot gun for home defense and low and behold I found it… the Churchill 612 combo even better. It shoots perfectly no problem with the long barrel on it. Haven’t used the short barrel yet. Really easy to change barrels for home defense and on the range. I love it….can’t go wrong with this buy..

  6. Eric White

    Great shotgun. Purchased this after great luck with my Turkish Hastan Escort shotgun. I added a +3 magazine extension so it is now 8+1 capacity and added a Saiga muzzle brake. Looks mean and shoots smooth.

  7. Dustin Brock

    What loads are everyone having the best luck with on this shotgun?

  8. Ethan C

    Got the standard as my first gun a few weeks ago. I’ve put somewhere around 50 rounds of buckshot through without issue. Definitely a good gun and cant beat the price.

  9. Jim Heuser

    Jammed after firing first factory 2/34 round. Worked well a couple of more shots. Forth round jammed again after discharge. Had to use the action release to eject shell. Next 10 shots fine, then again jammed after another shot. I cleaned it well, action seemed smoother and will try another box of shells . Will see what happens the next time before I can give a better review. Right now I cannot trust it to fire consecutive rounds as needed for home defense. It just may need a “break in” period. Otherwise, it seems to be a solid piece with excellent fit and trim.

  10. Cameron Meade

    Great shotgun so far. Any way I can mount a light on the standard model?

  11. Bryant

    Awesome firearm, the fit and finish is very nice and the action is smooth. I fired around 50 rounds the first time I tried it out and didn’t have a problem. I did have an issue but it was because I let a friend put it together and he didn’t finish tightening the mag cap on the mag tube so it wouldn’t fire. So def make sure your magazine tube cap is always secure but don’t over tighten it. I just wish I knew what type of accessories you could get for it, I’ve read where people say that Remington 870 furniture will fit it and seen where people say it won’t. I’ve seen where people say you can buy magazine extensions for it but from different shotguns and there is never an answer that is 100%. I do know these use to be sold by CZ as the CZ 612,exact same shotgun. You can find extension tubes for them but they are almost 100 dollars. Little too much for a $239 gun. It is awesome though and I would recommend it to anyone.

  12. Landon W

    I purchased this shotgun with the pistol grip. Fired 5 shells. All went off and action cycled smooth.
    Finish is alright. Really light. Seems well built too especially for the price I paid which was 268.

    I am confident it will take down game or any unwanted visitors.

  13. Brandt Flowers

    I have bought many new and used shotguns in my time, but wanted a new gun on the lower end of the price scale to play around with. I came across the model 612 (standard) at my local gunshop and was impressed by the look and feel of the firearm. The price was right as well. After having shot it and experiencing no failures I’m confident the 612 will fill the role I purchased it for.

  14. Charles J Palumbo

    Purchased the 612 Tactical; ; Once I cleaned & lubricated, took it to range. Loaded easy; Fast smooth action, This shotgun will serve it’s purpose.
    But, would like to know what other choke tubes fit this firearm;
    I think it would make a great firearm for turkey
    Next 612 purchase will be the 20 gauge

  15. Mike D

    I sold a couple of these, and have a customer that is asking me to get him choke tubes for his. He wants a Skeet Choke. Where do I/He get choke tubes? I looked on the website and found nothing for the 612.

  16. jesus castillo

    haven’t got much range time with it but it looks similar to the 870 , are all the pins in the same place as the 870? i’m asking because i want to put a mesa tactical rail and side saddle on it but i don’t want to buy the rail and have it not fit, but great shotgun for a great price

  17. Chris Strok

    Just purchased the Akkar 612 12Ga – I’m a brand new gun owner. I’m reading the manual on loading and want to make sure I fully understand the correct shells to load in the firearm. How do I know what chamber I have? Under the gauge & chamber section what does the number after the 12 gauge represent (76 and 89)? I have 2-3/4″ shells and believe these will work fine. What about smaller and bigger? Thank you.

  18. Eric Harris

    Just purchaced this shotgun. Very pleased with the performance. One question.. is there a place to buy parts.. i want to purchace the short handle and replace the pistol grip. Any help would be grateful

  19. Brandon guest

    Brought one about 3 months ago and took it to the range few days ago. I shot remmington white box out of it. The first shot didn’t fire, I spent the shell out the chamber and the next one did the same. So I unloaded the gun and racked it a few times while it was empty, then I reloaded it and the first shot went bang the second shot misfired and the third shot went bang after I racked it VERY AGGRESSIVELY OUT OF FRUSTRATION. So currently I’m dissatisfied with the weapon

  20. David Golembeski

    Question: This appears to be very similar to my Rock Island Armory AG 12 shotgun. Both are Turkish made…are they the same shotgun with different branding?

  21. Chad M Jones

    I am quite pleased with the Pistol Grip 612 for my first shotgun purchase for home defense intent. I love the light weight and the way it handles. My only downside is wanting replacement parts are limited or hard to locate as I want to customize a little more. But other than than, it is great.

  22. Porter Burnett

    This is my first shotgun, Akkar Churchill 612 12GA, I purchased it 10/10/20 from a retailer on a military Air Force Base. I too was a little concerned about the low price point but was assured that the weapon was reliable and solid. I can’t give this weapon a higher rating right now due to a safety malfunction with this brand new shotgun. Intermittently with the safety on, the trigger will engage and release the firing pin. This is a major safety concern so I have not loaded any ammo in it nor have I taken the weapon to the range. I have read and reread the owner’s manual, I’m pretty confident that there is a defect here. I called the EAA Corp number at least 3 times and can only reach the contact’s voice mail. I do hope that EAA will resolve this matter quickly and I hope they can also explain to me how I’m responsible for the shipping for my Brand New Product still under full warranty that has a manufactures defect. I purchased this weapon with the intent of protecting my property and family and I can’t do that right now. Once this is resolved I will provide another review that I’m sure will be more favorable. Thank you advance for your very prompt response and action.

  23. Terry Costakis

    This is the first shotgun I’ve purchased in 30 years and frankly I had low expectations based on the price. I’ve only put about twenty shells through it but I was very pleasantly surprised. Fit and finish was much better than expected and the smoothness of the action blew me away. My friend spent the same amount for a similar shotgun made in China and he’s been disappointed with action (after cleaning & lube) as well as how difficult it is to quickly shoot because the forend is so smooth thus causing his hand to slide off. I’m a handgun and rifle enthusiast and I’ve been aware of the high quality firearms coming out of Turkey but this seems to so far provide more than I had hoped for. Very highly recommended.

  24. Shane Mosley

    This is the lightest shotgun I have ever owned. I put a Magpul SGA stock for a Remington 870 on it. 870 went back in the safe. This is now my go to for home defense and any tactical shotgun class I attend.

  25. Shaun Mee

    For the price, this shotgun is a dream. I was concerned about the synthetic stock but it performed very well. It is a smooth fire and very attractive weapon. I recommend this with five stars

  26. Anthony Cervassi/ AC ARMS

    I sell these guns and nothing but great reviews from my customers.

  27. Jacob Carter

    My first shotgun I have perchased and by far my favorite one I have used, very well made for the price. The sling hookups work perfectly for the intended use. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for their first gun to go hunt game, I’ve spent about 1000 rounds without cleaning and no issues with it

  28. david crowns

    a very well made gun. very similar to remington 870. smooth action and shoots straigh. perfect for home defense

  29. James Doeding

    Picked one of these up over the weekend. Honestly I thought it was going to be cheaply made due to the price but was very very surprised. The gun is well made and performs much better than expected. No failures to fire or any other issues. For a home defense gun you cant go wrong with this model.

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