Girsan MC28 SA-TV

(10 customer reviews)
  • Striker Fire 9mm
  • SRP Under $500
  • Optional Dot Carry Optics
  • 3 Interchangeable Grip Inserts
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Girsan’s striker-fire, semi-auto MC28SA is unlike any other striker-fired pistol on the market. It’s a full-sized pistol in 9mm on a GLOCK®-style, low-profile frame with an adjustable 3-dot sight system, an integral trigger safety and three interchangeable grip inserts. Available in Blue/Black, Two-Tone and Dark Earth, with a limited Lifetime Warranty, the MC28SA delivers more value and performance than any other pistol for under $400. Our integral optics versions of the (MC28SA-TV) gives you carry optics at a reasonable price in an off the shelf package.





If the gun is owned by the original owner then the original owner should send the gun back to EAA at:
COCOA, FL 32922

Please include all contact information including your phone number in letter form and a copy of the purchase receipt along with the gun.

*Please document and retain the serial number of the gun for your records.*

If the gun is a used handgun and the owner is not the original owner, then the factory warranty is no longer valid. EAA will still service the used handgun, but there will be an estimate for the repair. The service tech(s) will not begin repair work until the customer has been notified with an estimate for the repair.



If it is a long gun and is owned by the original owner, the gun can be sent to EAA for repair. This will require that the gun to be returned to our service department at:
COCOA, FL 32922

Please include all contact information including your phone number in letter form and a copy of the purchase receipt.

*Please document the serial number of the gun for your records. Some long guns only have a 1 year warranty.*

If the gun is a used long gun and the owner is not the original owner, then the factory warranty is no longer valid. EAA will still service the used gun; but there will be an estimate for the repair. This will require the gun to be returned to our service department.

Please include all contact information including your phone number in letter form for the service tech(s) to reach you with an estimate of service repair. The service tech(s) will not begin repair work until the customer has been notified with a estimate for the repair.



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Girsan Manual


10 reviews for Girsan MC28 SA-TV

  1. Scottie King

    First off I would like to say I was surprised at the quality of the Girsan MC28 sat it is a rebust copy of the M&P. I love the lightning cuts on the slide great look. As far as the optic skeptical feelings in the pictures branded ADE but mine was not labeled nor the magazine but the replacement mags were mec gar . It ate all different types cases and ammo weights with out fail so far only 250 rounds but time will tell if it earns a spot in the carry rotation or just a range toy. I have seen this gun for a few years with 3 mags in the 270-330 range but the new design you have to have sacrifices for the optic cuts. Absoulty I would recommend this firearm to anyone that wants a tank built firearm.

  2. admin

    Hi Joseph, the prices listed are the suggested retail prices, as for the actual price of the gun would depend on where you purchase it. Please have your dealer reach out to any major distributor in regards to inventory and purchasing this firearm. Take care, EAA Corp.

  3. Joshua

    Awesome looking and shoots great would be a 5 star rating if It would be easier to get parts for. Other then that awesome gun

  4. Jerome Wang

    I was attracted by the unique slide design and the optic pre-installed with this price. Girsan has its reputation. I decide to have it after I checked several youtube review video clips. Last weekend I tried this brand new MC28 over a hundred rounds without any problem, I’m satisfied with the gun itself. But, the optic is a headache. Sometimes the red dot moved up by itself, sometimes the red dot just disappeared. and the on/off switch stopped working during shooting. When I get back home and check it again, the optic works back to normal again. Seems like the optic just can’t resist the recoil and keep itself steady when the gun is operating. I read the user manual that says the optic has its own warranty, I don’t know how that works like my case. This gun deserves an upgrade to a sturdy optic. The owner rather pays more to reach a better overall experience.

  5. Fabian Medrano

    A lil skeptical at first, but after reading reviews I decided to buy it. Fired 250rds range rounds through with out a single issue. Only minor issue was the optic tends to shut off after recoil. Would’ve liked an extra mag included and can’t seem to find any aftermarket parts. All in all a great buy in my opinion

  6. Kelly Wildy

    Just got this awesome weapon about 3 weeks ago. I am still a red dot virgin so this is my very first entry to a red dot. I have to say I was little intimidated by it. Once I of course rationed out my ammo to test this beautiful Handgun /Red dot I was not only pleasantly surprised but I was happy to see I did well on my try shooting basic fmj ammo 115 gr. No issues at all. My second time was again at the same range which was last week and a gun 115 gr ammo, red dot preformed well but like I said this is my first dot optic, so I am not to a Holosun point yet.

  7. Mark Engman

    Over 400 rounds and the gun has operating with no failures. I will admit I am a SIG guy at heart and it was a big step for me to purchase the MC28. I do NOT regret it at all. This will become my EDC during the winter months. Already purchased a custom holster for it. The optic is a huge issue! If you have it set on the lowest or second lowest setting it will turn off after every round. Getting it to turn on takes about 2 – 3 attempts. If you have it on the 3rd brightness setting or higher it seems to work perfectly. So, I guess I am stock with using this setting. I am seriously thinking about replacing the optic with a better optic from Halosun. One that turns on with movement. But I still would like to give the manufacturer of this optic a chance. But I cannot locate how to contact them. No clear instructions in the packaging. .
    EAA Admin, if you can help it would be nice to post a reply to help solve this issue.

  8. Mauricio Figueroa

    Fantastic gun but I have the same issue others have had – the red dot shuts off with recoil. Anyone know if they sell the footplate so I can slap a proper RMR or Holosun on this thing?

  9. Neil

    100 round review.

    Great gun with mediocre optics. I’m considering selling it and grabbing one without the red dot. Or just using the stock sights that came with.

    The one good thing about the optic is it’s an easy way to rack the slide.

    It’s really fun and easy to shoot, aside from the optics. All the controls feel pretty decent. Mag release isn’t too easy or too hard to actuate. The trigger on mine is pretty light feeling. Next to no recoil. I could happily shoot it all day. It could feel better in the hand. Pick up a mc28 then grab a Regard and you’ll see what a huge difference it is. I wish all guns felt at good as a Regard.

    It’s fairly accurate right out of the box, not even cleaned. I had 3 rounds not fire and a few times the slide was wonky. It was dripping wet with oil, so that’s pretty forgivable. Now that it’s been cleaned and lubed i can’t wait to see how the next few hundred rounds go. The red dot on mine is pretty far off though. I had a better time with it, and was much more accurate, leaving the light off.

    And yeah, it’s hard to find parts. But at least a common cz mag will fit with a very little modification.

    Overall I’m pretty happy with it and Girsan left a great impression on me. I wish i could have got it in .40 or 10mm or something with a little more kick than 9mm. And the manual says not to use +p ammo, so look out for that. Is it perfect? Not quite. But it has the capability of being your favorite gun if it happens to fit your hand just right and you love a striker fired, easy shooting 9.

  10. Jesussaves

    Nicely put together honestly impressed with the quality for a $370 gun only issue is you damn near gotta go on the black web to find a replacement part or even a magazine😭💯

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