15 02, 2024

Gun Review: Girsan MC 14T Lady Tip-Up


EAA’s MC 14T Lady Tip-Up by Girsan was given a wonderful review from Elizabeth Bienas of Guns.com. She goes over how comfortable and easy the gun is to use. Also, the aesthetics of the Lady were given high praise for its beautiful finish and design. The merits […]

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13 12, 2023

First Impressions – MC14T Lady by NRA Family


Not just a cute name, but the Solution™! NRA Family does a first impression look at our newest pistol in the MC14T line up, the Lady. Crafted with elegance in mind, the MC14T Lady has custom engraved grips, gloss black finish with polished gold controls and a ported barrel […]

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10 11, 2023

Gun Review: Gear-Report on the Witness2311®


Gun-Reports latest review on the now shipping, Witness2311®! Covers all the features and functions of the first affordable double stacked 1911 on the market. Writer, Trey Miller, will discuss the reliability, ergonimics, accuracy and concealability, as well as his first impressions and how to buy. FULL ARTICLE HERE […]

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