28 05, 2021

Double Duty Pump-Action Shotguns Combos


EAA Corp makes owning two guns as easy as buying one! Need a traditional style pump-action shotgun for home defense and still want a reliable hunting shotgun? EAA/Akkar introduces the Churchill Pump-Action Combos; it’s like getting two shotguns for the price of one. Read More

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20 04, 2021

EAA’s New Optics Tactical Shotguns for Home Defense


EAA Corp., importers of select quality and affordable handguns, rifles, and shotguns, built upon the success of their Churchill semi-auto and pump shotguns in 20ga, and with upgraded and enhanced features, has created the ultimate home defense tactical shotgun with the Churchill 220 Optics Tactical semi-auto shotgun and […]

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9 04, 2021

Shooting Sports Retailer: Interview



Florida-based European American Armory Corporation was founded in the early 1990s and has since earned a reputation for bringing quality, affordable firearms to the U.S. market.


Initially, the company imported Tanfoglio firearms from Italy and Wierauch pistols out of Germany. The company also imported the Astra Unceta and Star pistol lines […]

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15 01, 2021

Sneak Peak at Girsan’s New Factory


The Girsan brand is world renowned for its incredible performance, fit and function. Girsan pistols are carried by the Turkish armed forces and police, and they’re the gun of choice in many other Turkish government agencies. It is also the pistol for the Malaysia Special Forces Command and several […]

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7 07, 2020

EAA – Girsan: Meet the Ultimate MC1911 SC


Your completely concealable 1911 is here with the MC1911 SC Ultimate compact pistol. Available in .45 ACP and 9mm, in a no-snag design with G10 grips and a visual capacity window, you won’t find a better performing compact pistol that shoots like […]

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